Hill End NSW Carla's Cottage

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Short history of the area.

 It is said that around the gold rush days of the 1870s approximately 800 people worked and resided along the banks of Dirt Hole, Pyramul and Green Valley Creeks.

The area boasted at least three hotels, The Criterion, The Green Valley Inn and the Edinburgh Castle, several stores and dwellings, a Chinese market garden and a school. Some shacks made from wattle and daub and but mostly tents would have been the dwelling of the day.

A living was etched out by panning for gold.

Not much of this heyday remains although there are remnants of chimneys scattered along the creeks. On closer inspection one can make out the man made races to redirect the creek to help with the fossicking of gold.

 About three ks up the road towards Mudgee, “Old Bargong” a Cobb and Co stop, still stands and is lived in today.

A part of Carla’s Cottage originates back to this time.

The Bridge.

Built in the late 1930s, it was one the first concrete bridges constructed and underneath is adorned with graffiti that dates back to the 1930s with some rather famous names. Some of the names belong to gold panners trying their luck fossicking for gold during the depression years. It is believed that in the 1950s and 60s artists of Hill End would come down to Green Valley Creek to picnic and paint. The Pyramul Creek bridge a few ks up the road towards Mudgee was built in 1940.